Blake Hudson


Shadow Callings: How To Reject Passivity for the Pursuit of Purpose

Take time to ask the deeper why of your calling and make sure you don’t waste time chasing shadows. Do you know that unsettling feeling you get in your stomach when you wake up to work that you dread? During your commute you begin to ask yourself, is this what I was meant for?


What the Chicago Cubs can teach us about living a better story…

When you know who you are & Where you’re going…you can overcome anything. The Chicago Cubs have spent the last 108 years mired in an infamous championship drought. Despite the loyal fan base they maintained their reputation as “lovable losers” that was until this group of 2016 Chicago Cubs decided to start living a better story.


One Bright Blog

I’m so grateful you decided to stop by. The purpose of this site is to help readers get clear about who they are and what they want to do. Identity and purpose are core elements to any story, from Hollywood to the story of our lives, we must advance the plot and live more meaningful lives where we can offer our unique contributions to the world. If you’ve ever felt stuck, or unsure of your next move then you’ve come to the right place.