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Bright Start Consulting

Conquer Your Future

Plan. Execute. Achieve.


Public speaking, conferences, seminars & college events.

Student coaching, career planning & resume writing.


Consulting, mentoring & business planning.



Blake helps coaching clients by identifying success, creating SMART goals and developing an action plan to develop powerful and measurable habits. Other services include:

Career Planning and Exploration

  • Picking schools and majors
  • Updating resumes
  • Finding employment

Academic support

  • Writing tutor
  • Study skills
  • Reading speed & comprehension

Personal Development

  • Time management
  • Positive self-image
  • Skill maximization


Academic consulting

  • Student retention (Minority, 1st Generational, Developmental Ed.)
  • Connecting Students to Campus Resources
  • Creating sense of Community on Campus (Diversity & Inclusivity)

Business consulting

  • Business planning
  • Digital marketing
  • Brand creation

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