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Opportunities from Obstacles (30-60 Mins)

Embrace your past, endure your present, enjoy your future. With three words you can literally change your life and transform your problems into your purpose. Highlighting the struggles in his own life, Blake walks the audience through a simple framework for shedding the weight of hardship and beginning the transformation into a person they can be proud of. Blake will help attendees:

  • Re-frame past events with a positive perspective
  • Cultivate a mindset of grit and perseverance
  • Move towards a compelling vision of the future
  • Topics Covered: Motivation, Leadership, Perspective

Casting Call (30-60 Mins)

Every story has three key elements: a character, who knows what they want, and overcomes adversity to get there. There is tremendous power in narrative; the human mind was created to consume information this way. Hollywood gets it, and we would be wise to apply the same power of narrative to our lives. Blake explains the importance of living a better story and how we can begin to choose our lives, instead of letting others choose for us. Blake helps the audience answer:

  • Who are you?
  • What do you want?
  • How will you overcome obstacles?
  • Topics Covered: Self Awareness, Goal Setting, Persistence

The Sweet Spot (Workshop 1hr- full day)

Do you want to find your life purpose? Do you want to do the work you were born for? Through a series of simple yet thought provoking questions Blake helps participants develop clear, concise and compelling purpose statements that act as filters for important life decisions.

  • The key to true fulfillment
  • Blake will explain the concept of “Trifecta Work”
  • How to stay in your own personal sweet spot of work

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